Union Materials Corporation has utilized its in-house technologies with expertise accumulated manufacturing experience of various materials over 30 years. Based on this fundamental, Union has developed highly advanced cutting tools since 1986. Union cutting tool offers very good performance in terms of high cutting speed, precise cutting work, excellent surface roughness and long tool life. Union cutting tool has excellent strength at high temperature, capability of difficult cutting, superior wear resistance and remarkable thermal shock resistance.

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  • CERAMIC image
    • Union ceramic cutting tool is an inorganic material, die-pressed and sintered using very fine and pure raw materials. It has high thermal shock resistance, excellent fracture toughness, distinguished wear resistance through HIP (Hot Isostatic Press) process.
    • Grades
    • ST100, ST300, ST500, SD200, SN26, SN300, SN400, SN500, SN700, SN800, SZ200, SZ300
  • CERMET image
    • Union cermet cutting tool is composition between titanium carbide or titanium nitride with carbide as metal binder. Cermet cutting tool shows high wear resistance, high speed cutting performance and excellent surface finishing, due to stronger toughness and harder hardness than those of tungsten carbide materials.
    • Grades
    • TX510, TX515, TX520, TX530, TX910, TX915, TX920, TX930
  • PCBN/PCD image
    • Union PCBN is an ultra hard cutting tool consisting of polycrystalline cubic boron nitride with metallic or ceramic binder. It is available both tip brazed and solid CBN.
    • Grades
    • SBN1000, SBN2000
    • Union PCD is an ultra hard cutting tool consisting of poly crystalline diamond which is tip brazed to a carbide insert according to the various applications.
    • Grades
    • SPD1000, SPD2000, SPD3000
  • TOOL HOLDER image
    • Union supplies optimized holders for effective performance to customers in the whole world. Union also has all kinds of holders from standard types to special types based on customers' needs. Union's optimized tooling system definitely assures customers’ satisfaction.
    • Union milling cutter offers high-performance through high speed cutting and excellent surface roughness. Especially, Union face milling cutter offers precise machining quality with excellent run-out.
    • Union carbide endmill and drill are manufactured micro-grain tungsten carbide for longer tool life and better productivity. Union standard endmil and drill offer high precision and excellent surface with a unique control system. We are also supplying various coated endmill and drill according to customers' needs.
  • CHUCK image
    • High T.I.R accuracy and repeatability of ≤3㎛ make it possible to have a precise solid lock-up between tool and chuck, so they render less tool wear and longer tool life. Excellent balance of Union hydraulic chuck also gives the highest performance both in speed and workability.

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