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Excellent qualities
in the field of magnetic
and ceramic materials
Union Materials Corp.
established on June, 2000, has been growing as a worldwide advanced material manufacturer, despite its brief history as a material specialized company,

Headquartered in Taegu, Union has plants in Pohang and Taegu, and a marketing office in Seoul which is the contact for global sales network. Including ferrite magnets, which are internationally recognized for their high quality, Union manufactures and supplies various ceramic-based parts and cutting tools. It also produces industrial ceramics for the automobile industry, electrical and electronic engineering, and machinery.

Union is the largest market supplier in the world with the best quality and technology, especially in the field of magnetron ceramics. It was officially recognized as a manufacturer of a World-Class Product by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy of Korea. With its continuous research and development, Union’s ferrite magnet manifests top-notch quality and satisfies various demands from customers. Consequently, Union won the Best Supplier Awards for the three consecutive years from Bosch, the world largest motor manufacturer.

Even in the face of the financial crisis in South Korea in 1997, Union didn’t stop its aggressive investment in R & D. It differentiated itself from other competitors by following the Total Productive Maintenance activities and with continuous cost reductions, which made it possible to have a consistently increasing profit margin. Year after year, Union has stepped up its efforts and has come to achieve around a 15% sales growth factor every year. The three principles put forth by the CEO, sound management of assets, fair distribution of profits, and contributions to the community, played a fundamental role in uniting labor and management. Still, the three standards serve as the groundwork for “clean company”, a slogan for transparent and ethical management.