• Union Materials Corporation has utilized its in-house technologies with expertise accumulated manufacturing experience of various materials over 30 years. Based on this fundamental, Union has developed highly advanced arc magnets applied automotive applications since 1991. Union arc magnet command universal admiration in terms of physical strength (excellent hardness & toughness), dimensional compliance and magnetic properties such as higher residual flux density (Br), excellent coercive forces (Hcj,Hcb) and utmost maximum energy product (BH) and prominent flux value int the motor which has been achieved by expertly oriented direction of domain according to intention of design of motor.

    Union has a variety of shape and size of arc magnet over 100 kinds. So every sample submission request from customers can be complied by similar mold available in factory. Also, Union has 18 different magnetic grades from the grades of 5 generation to the grades of K series applied to the motors required extremely distinctive property.

    Owing to the technologies of changeless shape control in sintering process and know-how of radial orientation of domain correspondingly to the design of motors, Union now manufactures highly curved arc magnet.

    Union magnet is made by perfect tooling technology, which is described as computer simulation program targeting to realize optimal orientation of domains for the decrease of noise of motor and increase of performance of motor. Also, Union has utilized Robograph in order to embody real performance of application of magnet to assembled motor. Furthermore, Union helps customers' manufacturing process of motor to be stabilized at an early stage through accumulated experiences and know-how on the design of magnet and correlation between motor and magnet.
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