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Holding of the 17th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
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Name : Admin Date : 2017.03.14 Hit : 17563

Holding of the 17th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

On March 14th, Ssangyong Materials held the 17th regular shareholders' meeting at the auditorium of welfare center on the 2nd floor of its headquarters.

In this meeting, 54.3% of the total number of voting stock holders attended.
Beginningwith the declaration of establishment of the General shareholders’ meeting which is held by legal requirement to resolve a matter of issues, the meeting proceeded with audit report, business report, andtransaction history with the largest shareholder report.
In addition, the company approved the 17th Financial Statements and the Consolidated Financial Statements as well aspartial amendment of the Articles of Association, Election of Directors and Auditors, and the Remuneration for directors and audit according to the original agenda.

Jin-youngKim, the CEO, emphasized that "Although business conditionsof this yearis not easy, all employees should focus on their competency for achievement of management goals with innovation and challenging spirit."
Mr. Kim also said  "We promise to our shareholders that we will establish our second business as a member of the UnionCo., Ltd.family after closing stock trading contractandbecome a global leading company of fine ceramics materials."