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TECMA 2015 exhibition
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Name : Admin Date : 2015.03.20 Hit : 16009

TECMA 2015 Exhibition
Mexico International Machine Tool Exhibition (TECMA 2015) in the last four days until 3 March to 6 March was held in Mexico City.
TECMA exhibition is held every other year, with Mexico EXPOMAQ exhibition of similar nature in place to promote new technologies and products of each company, including related companies around the world to join the world's machine tool and tool manufacturers.
The exhibition is participated for the companies to promote and attract customers are 184 companies worldwide in the machine / tool sector, this company is a 2-Booth-scale Ceramic (New grade included ST900), Cermet, Whisker, PCD & pCBN, Holder & Cutter , Special Tools, etc. were promoting a product-driven cutting tool Tooling and tools.
During the exhibition period, with around 350 people visited our Booth, was a great opportunity to promote our product information and identify tools for the Latin American markets, including Mexico market through this exhibition.

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