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CIMT 2019(China International Machine Tool show) exhibition
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Name : Admin Date : 2019.04.25 Hit : 17429

CIMT 2019(China International Machine Tool show) exhibition

International Machine Tool show was held for 6 days from 4/15 to 4/20

At New China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, China.


Held by CMTBA (China Machine Tool & Tool Builders' Association),

CIMT 2019 is the world's 4 largest machine tool exhibition with EMO (Europe), JIMTOF (Japan) and IMTS ().

Since 1989, the exhibition has been held every 2 years and it is the 16TH exhibition this year.


In this exhibition, 1,700 companies from 28 countries around the world have participated for to promote their business in the field of machinery/tools and to attract customers. Our company had exhibited ceramic, whisker, cermet, PCD, PCBN Insert, Ceramic end-mill,  carbide boring bars, holders and cutters at 4 booth scale.


In China, there was a great deal of respect and interest in our ceramic products.

Also, it was good opportunity for us to promote the products and to find new distributors and customers by contacting various vendors and by sharing information.


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